About the Irish League of Credit Unions

The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) was set up by a small group of credit unions in 1960 to represent & service affiliated credit unions on the island of Ireland. As of 5th April 2017 there were 389 credit union's affiliated to the ILCU, 296 in the Republic Of Ireland, and 93 in Northern Ireland. Membership of the ILCU is open to every credit union in Ireland. There are 25 regional areas, known as Chapters on the island of Ireland. In April 2017, Charles Murphy was elected President of the Irish League of Credit Unions with Gerry Thompson as Vice-President and Eamonn Sharkey as Treasurer.

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The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) is the largest credit union representative body on the island of Ireland. It was founded to provide representation, leadership, co-operation, support and development for credit unions in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Credit unions affiliated to the ILCU elect the leaders of the ILCU and ultimately drive what the ILCU delivers - the ILCU responds directly to the needs of the affiliated credit unions.

As an advocate of the credit union ethos of mutuality, volunteerism, self-help and not for profit philosophy, the ILCU has a vision to influence and inspire the credit union movement to achieve all its goals – social, economic and cultural – while always respecting the individual’s rights and dignity. The ILCU achieves its vision in the following ways;

  • Providing leadership for the movement in philosophy and services
  • Fostering and maintaining unity and co-operation between credit unions
  • Developing and making available to credit unions and their members, a full range of highest quality financial products and services
  • Recognising the value of volunteers, staff of the credit union movement and the dignity of credit union members and their value in the community by their contribution to the social development of communities in Ireland and other countries

The activities of the ILCU include promoting the credit union idea and ethos; representing affiliated credit unions with Government, the EU and other agencies, and providing central services to credit unions.

The services that the ILCU provides can largely be broken down into the following four headings:

  • Trade and Representative Association
  • Business Support Services
  • Monitoring/Supervisory Activities
  • Movement-Wide ICT Services