Pathways is a suite of new accredited programmes specifically designed for staff and volunteers.  Developed by CU Learning and Development and University College Cork, Pathways programmes aim to provide high quality education that meets the learning needs of officers at all levels within the credit union. 

Pathways Diagram

Pathways consists of six accredited programmes.  The programmes form a development path of four stages, each of which is designed to meet specific learning needs associated with each stage of an officer’s development within their role in the credit union.  Pathways is designed for anyone looking to obtain their first credit union qualification and also as a refresher programme for those looking to keep up to date on legislative and regulatory changes and update their knowledge of credit union roles and responsibilities.

Governance and Operations Streams

Pathways provides the necessary learning supports to ensure that each officer has the practical knowledge and skills to carry out their role in a responsible and effective manner.   Depending on their role in the credit union, participants will choose the governance stream (e.g. directors, board oversight committee, committee members) or the operations stream (e.g. manager, teller, loans officers, credit controllers, administrators).  Each stream is tailored to suit the particular functions within the credit union.

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